CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture

Fall 2013

University of Pennsylvania
Computer Graphics @ Penn

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University of Pennsylvania

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Wednesday, 08/28 Course Overview

Slides: pptxpdf

Monday, 09/02 Off. Labor Day
Wednesday, 09/04 GPU Architecture Overview
GitHub Project 0 walkthrough

P0 Walkthrough Slides: pptx
Architecture Slides: pptx

Patrick and Liam P0 released PMPP Chapter 1
Monday, 09/09 Introduction to CUDA 1 of 2

Slides: pptx

Patrick P0 due

P1 released. GPU ray tracer.
PMPP Chapters 3, 4, and 5
Wednesday, 09/11 Introduction to CUDA 2 of 2

Slides: pptx

Monday, 09/16 Parallel Algorithms

Slides: pptx

Patrick Parallel Prefix Sum (Scan) with CUDA
Wednesday, 09/18 GPU Ray-tracing

Slides: pptx

Liam P1 due Friday 09/20.
P2 released Saturday 09/21.
GPU path tracer.
Monday, 09/23 CUDA Performance

Slides: pptx

Wednesday, 09/25 6-10pm Lab: CUDA Profiling and Debugging

Slides: pdf
Installing CUDA and Nsight

Zakiuddin Shehzan Ayub Mohammed

PMPP Chapter 6
Monday, 09/30 Large-Scale Data Management on the GPU

Slides: pdf

Tim Kaldewey

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Wednesday, 10/02 CUDA Odds and Ends

Slides: pptx

Patrick P2 due.
Monday, 10/07 GPU Database Workloads

Slides: pdf

Tim Kaldewey

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Wednesday, 10/09 Off. Fall break
Monday, 10/14 Graphics pipeline

Slides: pptx

Patrick P3 released Sunday, 10/13.
GPU simulation
RTR Chapters 1 and 2
Wednesday, 10/16 Graphics pipeline
Cloth and flocking simulation

Slides: odp pdf

Liam and Patrick
Monday, 10/21 Graphics pipeline Patrick P3 due 10/22
P4 released, 10/23
GPU rasterization pipeline
Wednesday, 10/23 Graphics pipeline Patrick
Monday, 10/28 GLSL introduction

Slides: pptx

Wednesday, 10/30 OpenGL and WebGL

Slides: pptx

Patrick P4 due 10/31
P5 released 11/01
WebGL globe rendering
OpenGL Insights Chapters 2 and 39
Monday, 11/04 Computer Graphics in a MOOC: Beyond the Hype and Hysteria

Towne Room 225 – Raisler Lounge

Slides: pptx
Abstract: pdf

Eric Haines

Wednesday, 11/06 Z-buffer optimizations

Slides: pptx

Patrick P5 due 11/07
P6 released 11/08
OpenGL deferred shader
RTR 7.9.2 and 18.3
Monday, 11/11 Deferred Shading

Deferred Shading Slides: pptx
Ambient Occlusion Slides: pptx

Patrick RTR Section 9.2 (AO)
Wednesday, 11/13 Hackathon primer: ray marching
Final project kickoff

Hackathon slides: pptx
Final project slides: pptx

Patrick P6 due 11/15
Saturday, 11/16

SIG lab

Prizes courtesy CRC Press and Analytical Graphics, Inc.
Monday, 11/18 Final project pitches
Wednesday, 11/20 The C4 Engine Architecture

Abstract: pdf

Eric Lengyel

Terathon Software
Monday, 11/25 Final project alpha presentations
Wednesday, 11/27 Optional: Project 5 and 6 demos
Monday, 12/02 Rendering the Whole Wide World on the World Wide Web

Slides: pptx
Abstract: pdf

Kevin Ring

Analytical Graphics, Inc.
Wednesday, 12/04 glTF and Rest3D

Slides: pptx

Monday, 12/09 Selected topics from previous semesters Patrick

Potential topics in pseudo-order: